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The stem of noble Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo dendrobe Dendrobium nobile Segment Shi hu

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg Price : 1dollar
Packaging Details : in bag or carton Delivery Time : one week
Payment Terms : L/C or T/T Supply Ability : 10MT per month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Zhanjo
Certification: ISO/Orangic/Kosher/Halal/GAP/GMP Model Number: zj-5563

Detail Information

Part Use: Stem Name: Dendrobium Officinale
Color: Green To Brown Funcitons: Tonic Health Herb

Product Description

Dendrobium candidum Wall.ex Lindl. Dendrobium officinale K.Kimura et Migo

Officinal Dendrobium Stem

Chinese name: Tie pi shi hu

It is kind of precious herb in China, it will enhance the immune system and anti-cancer.

Currently it has been cultivated widely in China.


The stem of noble Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo dendrobe Dendrobium nobile Segment Shi hu 0


1. As the material foundation of human life activities, with nourishing the human body the heart, brain bone raise sufficient to curb the role of Yang Kang fire action, can maintain normal growth and development of reproductive and other functional activities.

2. Prompting yin and yang complement each other, within the full complement of blood, sperm, Tianjin, liquid and other substances. Essence and blood Ruyang brain, nourishes heart yin, improve cardiac nutrition, lower Firelight.

3. Dendrobium with Spleen Stomach Health Tianjin role.

Modern pharmacological studies confirmed: taking iron maple bucket can promote gastric secretion, gastric emptying increased ability to help digestion; pairs of Helicobacter pylori has good inhibition contribute to treatment of atrophic gastritis, superficial gastritis.

4. Lower blood sugar

According to modern pharmacology experiments: iron maple bucket mechanism of lowering blood glucose can significantly increase --- Chi superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, has anti-oxidation, ie, metal maple fighting free radicals through the reduction of anti-oxidation, increased synthesis of insulin, insulin activity was enhanced, thereby reducing blood sugar.
Clinical trials showed that: iron maple fighting has obvious role in lowering blood glucose.


5. To reduce blood lipids, promote blood circulation

6. Enhance the immune system of regulation

Dendrobium candicum the main active ingredient is a polysaccharide Dendrobium.
Modern pharmacology experiments to prove: Dendrobium polysaccharide enhanced the role of body immunity, can enhance macrophage phagocytosis.
Experience has shown that people's take: Long-term moderate employment iron maple bucket, can enhance the system, and enhancing the body's resistance to various diseases. Dendrobium candicum immune regulation is a good product.

7. Anti-tumor
Pharmacological experiments show that: iron maple bucket for some tumor cells can inhibit growth and kill effect, with significant anti-tumor activity. Dendrobium candicum can improve the body immunity, for radiotherapy and chemotherapy for adjuvant treatment can reduce the radiotherapy and chemotherapy-induced side effects, enhance immune function, improve the quality of life, a survival time.

8. Yanggan eyesight

Dendrobium candicum Ziyin Liver, recommended for ages medical Jiapin seductive. Treat liver and kidney due to visual object dim, night blindness.
Pharmacological experiments prove that: iron maple better prevention and treatment of cataract role.

9. Moisturizing beauty
People into middle-aged then, the body gradually Yinye deficiency, thus accelerating the aging of the skin, dry Zou. Dendrobium candicum with Ziyin Runzao role, can the human body Yinye sufficient, and thus play a role in delaying aging, but also has a delay of skin aging.

10. Longevity
"Compendium of Materia Medica" that the Dendrobium has Qingshenjianfei sickness role.
Dendrobium candicum must contain a kind of human metabolism, trace elements, such as: magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, tin, copper, chromium, nickel, etc., these trace elements are closely related to human health and longevity. Dendrobium candicum obvious enhanced SOD activity, suppression and resistance to free radical damage to the human body and thus has anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, anti-aging effect.
Animal experiments show that: iron maple bucket can extend the life of fruit flies, metal maple bucket can slow the aging symptoms of senile rats.



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