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Loose new Cotton rose seed Hibiscus mutabilis seeds Confederate rose pink flowers

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 kg Price : USD 30-45/bag FOB China
Packaging Details : 1000g seeds /Bag Delivery Time : 5~8 Working days after ordering
Payment Terms : T/T, D/P, L/C, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal,Wechat Supply Ability : 10000 bags/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Chengyitang
Certification: ISO Model Number: Confederate rose seeds

Detail Information

Material: Raw Natural Seeds Use For: Planting/Sowing
MOQ: 1bag Seeds/bag: Around 1000g Seeds /bag
Germination: 70% Grade: Top
Other Name: Cotton Rose Seed Other Type: Hibiscus Mutabilis Seeds

Product Description

Loose new Cotton rose seed Hibiscus mutabilis seeds Confederate rose pink flowers

Long flowering period

Easy plant, widely suitable in different places.

Virus resistant

MOQ 1bag (1000g seeds)


Seeds Number per bag 1000g seeds around
Ship method Generally EMS (POST service), if want Fedex/DHL/UPS please let we know
Payment method Paypal/ Western Union / MoneyGram/Bank Transfer/Wechat



  •  The Hibiscus mutabilis seeds are new collected and mature enough . 
  •  Non-GMO 
  •  Non radiated
  •  Only natural dried by sunshine and wind
  •  100% Natural raw 
  • We have more than 2000 kinds seeds for sale, you could check on this shop or contact us for more. 

Loose new Cotton rose seed Hibiscus mutabilis seeds Confederate rose pink flowers 0Loose new Cotton rose seed Hibiscus mutabilis seeds Confederate rose pink flowers 1

Hibiscus mutabilis likes light and is slightly resistant to shade; It likes warm and humid climate and is not resistant to cold. When it is planted in the open field in the north of the Yangtze River Basin, the aboveground part often freezes to death in winter, but new shoots can sprout from the roots in the spring of the second year and bloom normally in autumn. Like fertile, moist and well drained sandy loam. It grows fast and has strong sprouting ability. It has strong resistance to SO2 and certain resistance to Cl2 and HCl

Soil consolidation and slope protection


Hibiscus mutabilis plays a very significant role in ecological protection against water and soil loss. It has intertwined roots and lateral roots that can extend into the soil. In this way, the contact area between the roots and the soil continues to increase. At the same time, the fixation strength between the roots and the soil also greatly increases, thus contributing to the enhancement of slope stability. 

Purify the atmosphere

Twigs, leaves, petioles and calyx are densely covered with stellate hairs and pubescence, which can effectively absorb the floating solid particles in the atmosphere; In addition, hibiscus mutabilis has strong resistance to SO2, Cl2 and HCl. It is not only an excellent ornamental tree species, but also an ideal tree species for greening and purification of the surrounding environment of the factory. It is suitable for planting in precision instrument factory, water supply factory, TV factory and other places requiring less dust and clean air in the surrounding environment.

Ornamental value

Like other garden plants, the branches, stems, buds and leaves of Hibiscus manihot have their natural growth rules, forming different forms in the four seasons, mainly showing the green shoots in spring, a scene of vitality; In summer, the land is covered with green leaves to eliminate the heat and bring cool; In autumn, it is suitable for frost, with flowers and colors; In winter, the leaves fade away, giving full play to the branches and stems, and breeding new vitality in silence; All the year round, each has its own charm and wit.


Because the flowers are large and beautiful, they have been mostly planted in gardens in China since ancient times. They can be planted alone or in clusters near walls, roadsides, halls, etc. It is especially suitable for planting on the waterfront. When it blooms, the waves and shadows of flowers reflect each other, which is particularly enchanting. Therefore, the annals of Changwu says: "Hibiscus should be planted on the Bank of the pond, and it is better to be near the water.". Therefore, it is called "Hibiscus according to water". In addition, it is suitable to be planted in courtyards, slopes, roadsides, forest edges and in front of buildings, or as flower hedges. It can also be potted for viewing in the cold north.

The anthocyanin concentration in the petals of hibiscus flowers changed due to different light intensity. Hibiscus flowers are white or light red in the morning and dark red in the afternoon. People call this color change of wood Hibiscus "three drunken Hibiscus" and "colored Hibiscus". The petals of some hibiscus flowers are half silver white and half pink or purple. People call this kind of Hibiscus Flowers "Yuanyang Hibiscus". Because of the progress of Horticultural Science and technology, people have cultivated multicolored hibiscus flowers, so that their petals are inlaid with colorful edges, colorful stripes, patches, spots, etc. the flowers are also larger and have a longer flowering period.

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