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Cultivating Forage Astragalus sinicus seeds Chinese milkvetch for green manure

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 KG Price : USD20-27 /bag FOB China
Packaging Details : 1000g seeds/bag Delivery Time : 5~8 Working days after ordering
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal,Wechat Supply Ability : 1000bags/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Chengyitang
Certification: ISO Model Number: Chinese milkvetch seeds

Detail Information

Material: Natural Seeds Color: Yellowish Seeds
Use For: Planting MOQ: 1 Kg
Seeds/bag: Around 310000Seeds/bag Germination: 93%
Other Name: Chinese Milkvetch Seeds Chinese Name: Astragalus Sinicus Seeds

Product Description

Forage seed Astragalus Cultivating Forage Astragalus sinicus seeds Chinese milkvetch for green manure


MOQ 1 kg

Hybrid type ,Easy management



Seeds Number per bag 310000g seeds /bag around
Ship method Generally EMS (POST service), if want Fedex/DHL/UPS please let we know
Payment method Paypal/ Western Union / MoneyGram/Bank Transfer/Wechat
  •  Non-GMO 
  •  Non radiated
  •  Only natural dried by sunshine and wind
  •  100% Natural raw 
  • We have more than 2000 kinds seeds for sale, you could check on this shop or contact us for more.

Cultivating Forage Astragalus sinicus seeds Chinese milkvetch for green manure 0

Biennial plant, creeping and branching, up to 30cm high, odd pinnate compound leaves, petiole shorter than leaf axis. Stipules free, leaflets obovate or elliptic, apex obtuse or slightly concave, base broadly cuneate, above nearly glabrous, below scattered white pilose, racemes, flowers in umbel shape

Born on hillsides, streams and humid places between 400-3000 meters above sea level.


Sunning seeds and soaking seeds: at noon on a sunny day before sowing, the green manure seeds shall be spread for 4-5 hours. After sunning seeds, a certain amount of fine sand shall be added to wipe the seeds, and the wax on the seed epidermis shall be wiped off, so as to improve the water absorption and germination rate of the seeds. Then, select seeds with 5% saline to remove diseased and empty grains. Immerse the selected seeds in the decomposed urine for 8 hours, or 0.1-0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution for 10 hours, take them out and dry them, and then seed them with calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer.


Timely and appropriate sowing: milkvetch is usually sown from late September to early October. Early sowing, long rice fertilizer symbiosis period and thin seedlings. If sowing is too late, it is easy to suffer from freezing injury and insufficient overwintering seedlings. Generally, 1.5-2 kg of seeds are used per mu. When sowing, it must be fixed according to the field, evenly sown in the border and evenly dropped.


Frost prevention, grass prevention, seedling protection and seedling promotion: during the harvest of late rice, it is necessary to strictly prevent rice cutting in rotten fields. After the harvest of late rice, straw can be directly covered on the milk vetch to keep warm and moisture, so as to promote the growth of seedlings and the formation and development of branches. Weed control is the key measure to strive for full and sufficient seedlings. In the two leaf period, a bag of 40-50kg water can be sprayed with high-efficiency grass cover per mu.


Ziyunyingxi enjoys a warm and humid climate. Milk vetch is not strict with soil, and grows well on loose, fertile and moist loamy soil. The pH value of soil suitable for growth is 5.5-7.5


The suitable temperature for seed germination of milk vetch is 15 ℃ -25 ℃. It needs to absorb more water and oxygen during germination. The growth of root system in seedling stage is faster than that of shoot. During overwintering, the growth of root system and shoot is slow. The growth of shoot is accelerated after spring, but the growth of root system is still relatively stable. After budding stage, the growth rate of shoot is accelerated sharply, and the dry weight of shoot can be increased by 1.3 times in about half a month. Therefore, the dry matter weight of shoot is much greater than that of root system at the initial flowering stage.

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