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NON-GMO hybrid f1 edible sweet corn seeds yellow fresh fruits chinese Maize Seed for sale

Minimum Order Quantity : 200g Price : USD12-19 /bag FOB China
Packaging Details : 740seeds/bag Delivery Time : 5~8 Working days after ordering
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal,Wechat Supply Ability : 1000bags/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Chengyitang
Certification: ISO Model Number: sweet corn seeds

Detail Information

Material: Natural Raw Seeds Color: Black Round
Use For: Vegetables Planting MOQ: 1 Bag(200g)
Seeds/bag: Around 740pcs Seeds/bag Germination: 90%
Other Name: Chinese Maize Seeds Chinese Name: Sweet Corn Fruit Seeds

Product Description

NON-GMO hybrid f1 edible sweet corn seeds yellow fresh fruits chinese Maize Seed for sale


MOQ 1 bag  (740pcs seeds/bag), it for planting

Stems shoot use for vegetable food 

Nutritious plants

Hybrid type 



Seeds Number per bag 740pcs seeds /bag around
Ship method Generally EMS (POST service), if want Fedex/DHL/UPS please let we know
Payment method Paypal/ Western Union / MoneyGram/Bank Transfer/Wechat


  •  The sweet corn seed for sale 
  •  Non-GMO 
  •  Non radiated
  •  Only natural dried by sunshine and wind
  •  100% Natural raw 
  • We have more than 2000 kinds seeds for sale, you could check on this shop or contact us for more.

The sugar content of sweet corn kernel is about 10 times higher than that of ordinary corn, and it is loved by people because of its sweet taste. Because of the good economic benefit of planting sweet corn, the extension area is becoming larger and larger.


It takes about 85 days from emergence to harvest of fresh fruit.


1, Selection, preparation and fertilization of sweet corn planting methods


Sweet corn must be planted in a place with deep soil, strong fertility and convenient drainage. It is better if the previous crop is soybean or wheat. The land should be deeply cultivated, leveled, and then fertilized. The fertilizer should be mainly farmyard manure. 40 tons of high-quality rotten farmyard manure should be applied per hectare. Before sowing, 250kg of diammonium phosphate, 40kg of urea and 75kg of potassium sulfate should be applied per hectare. The ridge spacing should reach 70cm, and then the seeds can be sown.


2, Isolation planting of sweet corn


Sweet corn is sweet because it is determined by its own genes. If other corn pollen is mixed in the flowering period, sweet corn will also lose its sweetness and become ordinary corn. Therefore, sweet corn must be separated from other varieties by 400 meters. Sweet corn and common corn can also be used to stagger the flowering period, as long as they are staggered for more than 20 days.

3, Planting method of sweet corn at proper time


The germination test shall be done well before sowing, and then the sowing amount shall be determined. The earliest sowing date is when the temperature reaches 12 ℃; If plastic film mulching is adopted, the seeds can be sown 7-10 days earlier, and if plastic film seedling transplanting is adopted, the seeds can be sown 10-15 days earlier; The latest sowing date shall ensure that the temperature in the harvest period is above 18 ℃. If it is for the purpose of harvesting fresh ears, it can be planted in late April with film mulching. For the purpose of harvesting dry seeds, it can be planted at an appropriate time as long as the harvest of dry seeds can be guaranteed. After sowing, cover the seeds with mature fertilizer and fine soil without weeds. The soil should not be too thick, about 3cm, and then cover with a layer of plastic film to reduce water evaporation. Then build an arch shed and cover the membrane, with a height of 40cm.


4, Seedling cultivation and transplanting of sweet corn


The film cannot be uncovered before the emergence of sweet corn. The temperature in the film shall be controlled at 20-35 ℃. When the temperature is not high, attention shall be paid to adding straw mats and other heat preservation. Attention shall also be paid to watering in time. When the leaves of sweet corn grow to 3 pieces, they can be transplanted. The day before transplanting, spray water with leaf fertilizer for seconds. The planting density of sweet corn is 45000 plants per hectare


Generally, the sweet corn production base shall be built within 1000m around without pollution source. Fertile sandy loam or loam rich in organic matter shall be selected for fine land preparation, and the border shall be started along the wind. The border shall be 1.3m wide (including ditch) and 20 ~ 30 cm high. "Three ditches" shall be opened around the field to facilitate irrigation and drainage.


In addition, 1500kg of decomposed high-quality organic fertilizer, 50kg of calcium superphosphate and 1kg of zinc sulfate shall be applied every 667 ㎡ when planting sweet corn for land preparation


In order to improve the commodity value of sweet corn, it is necessary to properly adopt anti seasonal cultivation, strive for early listing and delay the listing time, so as to make it a rare product in the market. It is also possible to consider carrying out annual planting and balanced listing.


Therefore, in the production of sweet corn, facilities cultivation techniques such as plastic film mulching, seedling raising and transplanting, plate raising and milk seedling transplanting, and even greenhouse cultivation can be adopted, and sowing in batches and stages every 5 to 7 days to ensure continuous harvesting, marketing or processing and utilization, so as to improve economic benefits.

NON-GMO hybrid f1 edible sweet corn seeds yellow fresh fruits chinese Maize Seed for sale 0

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