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Water plant powdery alligator-flag hardy canna dried loose Thalia dealbata Fraser seeds for sale

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg Price : USD75-87 /bag FOB China
Packaging Details : 5000pcs seeds/bag Delivery Time : 5~8 Working days after ordering
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal,Wechat Supply Ability : 1000bags/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Chengyitang
Certification: ISO Model Number: Thalia dealbata seeds

Detail Information

Color: Brown Color Use For: Planting
Netness: 96% Origin: China
Seeds/bag: Around 5000pcs Seeds /bag Germination: 90%
Other Name: Powdery Alligator-flag Seeds Chinese Name: Hardy Canna Seeds

Product Description

Water plant powdery alligator-flag hardy canna dried loose Thalia dealbata Fraser seeds for sale

MOQ 1 bags  (1000grams , around 5000pcs seeds/bag)

From China 

Hybrid type 


Seeds Number per bag 5000pcs seeds around
Ship method Generally EMS (POST service), if want Fedex/DHL/UPS please let we know
Payment method Paypal/ Western Union / MoneyGram/Bank Transfer/Wechat


  •  The flower seed for sale 
  •  Non-GMO 
  •  Non radiated
  •  Only natural dried by sunshine and wind
  •  100% Natural raw 
  • We have more than 2000 kinds seeds for sale, you could check on this shop or contact us for more.

Thalia dealbata seeds mainly grows in rivers, paddy fields, ponds, lakes, swamps, coastal beaches and other water wet lowlands. It is suitable for slow flow and still water areas. From the shallow water area with a water depth of 0.6m to the shore, the water can be submerged, and the base grows well. Re Lihua likes warm, wet and sunny environment, is not resistant to cold and drought, and is resistant to semi shade. It grows well in slightly alkaline soil. The optimum growth temperature is 20-30 ℃, the growth is slow below 20 ℃, almost stops below 10 ℃, and can endure the low temperature of - 5 ℃ for a short time. The aboveground part gradually withered below 0 ℃ and overwintered in the mud with rhizomes. It has the characteristics of large reproduction coefficient, fast growth speed, strong water and fertilizer absorption capacity and relatively tall plants. It has a strong canopy and invasion effect on other aquatic plants, and is very easy to form a single dominant community of zailihua.


Thalia dealbata Fraser): a perennial emergent plant of the genus Phyllostachys in the family taro. Leaves ovate lanceolate, light gray blue, purple edge, 50 cm long and 25 cm wide. Compound raceme, small flowers, violet. The whole plant is covered with white powder. [1] The flower stalk can be as high as more than 2 meters, the slender flower stem can be as high as 3 meters, and the stem end opens purple flowers, which is like a bait tied to a fishing rod. The shape is very special.


Zaili flower, native to the tropical areas of the southern United States and Mexico, is an excellent greenhouse flower with a flower stalk of more than 2 meters. It is a kind of emergent flower with high ornamental value introduced into China.


Zailihua is a perennial emergent plant and herb. The plant is slender, but the total height of the stem is 50-100 cm, but the total height of the plant is 50-100 cm; Leaves basal, 4-6; Petiole is long, about 40-80 cm, the lower part is sheath like, the base is slightly expanded, and the top and base of petiole are reddish brown or light yellowish brown; Leaf blade ovate lanceolate to long elliptic, 20-50 cm long and 10-20 cm wide, hard papery, light grayish green, purple edge, entire; The dorsal surface of the leaf is covered with white powder, and the ventral surface of the leaf is sparsely pilose. The leaf base is round and blunt, and the leaf tip is acute; Transverse parallel veins.


Mature seeds are brown, with rough surface, pseudotesta and obvious hilum.

Zailihua has massive rhizomes, which sprout and grow into ramets. The root system of zailihua is particularly developed. The rhizome is densely covered with adventitious roots, with a length of 10 cm. 70-90 roots can be planted on the rhizome. The adventitious roots are 50-90 cm long. There are lateral roots on the root, and the lateral roots of the upper root are particularly developed. The space volume of the underground roots and rhizomes of zailihua is huge, which is equivalent to the aboveground part.

Water plant powdery alligator-flag hardy canna dried loose Thalia dealbata Fraser seeds for sale 0


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