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Fresh dry date-plum seeds decorative Caucasian lilac persimmon seed for cultivate

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg Price : USD26.0-45.0 /bag FOB China
Packaging Details : 10000pcs seeds /bag Delivery Time : 5~8 Working days after ordering
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal,Wechat Supply Ability : 1000bags/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Chengyitang
Certification: ISO Model Number: Caucasian persimmon seeds

Detail Information

Color: Brown Use For: Planting
Netness: 95% Origin: China
Seeds/kg: Around 10000pcs /kg Germination: 75%
Other Name: Lilac Persimmon Seed Chinese Name: Date-plum Seeds

Product Description

Fresh dry date-plum seeds decorative Caucasian lilac persimmon seed for cultivate




MOQ 1 bags  (10000pcs /bag)

From China 

New collected


Seeds Number per bag 10000pcs seeds around
Ship method Generally EMS (POST service), if want Fedex/DHL/UPS please let we know
Payment method Paypal/ Western Union / MoneyGram/Bank Transfer/Wechat


  •  The date-plum seeds for sale 
  •  Non-GMO 
  •  Non radiated
  •  Only natural dried by sunshine and wind
  •  100% Natural raw 
  • We have more than 2000 kinds seeds for sale, you could check on this shop or contact us for more.

Soft jujube, also known as junqianzi, is a deciduous tree of persimmon family. It is born in the thickets of mountains, hillsides and valleys about 500-2300 meters above sea level. Its ripe fruit can be eaten or made into persimmon. It can be used as medicine to stop thirst and heat; It can also be used for sugar making, wine making, vinegar making, etc.


1, Seed selection and sowing


The propagation of soft jujube generally adopts the sowing method. After the fruit is mature, pick the fruit on the well dried and tree shaped plants, spread the fruit in a cool and dry place for drying, then take out the seeds, wash and dry them, and put them into clean cloth bags for storage. In late March of the next year, the seeds were soaked in 40 ℃ warm water for two days, and then sown after the seeds expanded.


2, Seedling raising and transplanting


The seedbed shall be in a sunny place with good drainage. After sowing, it shall be covered with soil for 0.5cm. After stepping gently with your feet, it shall be watered once with immersion irrigation method. After 30 days of seedling emergence, you can choose cloudy day for intercropping, and then apply nitrogen fertilizer. During the seedling raising period, we should strengthen the basic work such as water and fertilizer management, pest control, weeding and soil loosening. Transplanting can be carried out in the spring of the second year, and the second transplanting can be carried out in the third year, with a row spacing of 4 meters × 6 meters.


3, Water and fertilizer management


Jun QIANZI has developed roots and many capillary roots. When transplanting, seedlings less than 10 cm can be planted with bare roots, and seedlings more than 10 cm should be equipped with soil balls, but the soil balls can be slightly smaller, which can be 5 times the diameter of the trunk, and the height is 60% of the diameter. The planting time of junqianzi can be after falling leaves in spring and late autumn. Because its germination is relatively late, it can be planted appropriately late, but it must be planted before germination. If it is planted after germination, the survival rate is not high.


During planting, some rotten and fermented cow and horse dung shall be used as base fertilizer, which shall be fully mixed with the planting soil. When backfilling the soil, pay attention to layered and stable soil, and then water the top in time. After 5 days, water the second water, and then water the third water in about 10 days. In the subsequent management, the water can be watered according to the soil moisture, and the general principle is to keep the soil in a state of more than half the soil moisture. Loosen the soil in time after each watering. In rainy days in summer, the ponding shall be removed in time. Pour enough antifreeze water at the end of autumn. In the early spring of the next year, thaw water shall be poured in time, and nitrogen fertilizer shall be applied once in the germination period. If the plant growth is poor, 0.5% urea solution can be used for page spray in May, once every 10 days, and continuous spraying for 2 to 3 times can be effective. Apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once in July, and pour frozen water at the end of autumn. In the third year, water and fertilize according to the method of the second year. From the fourth year, farm manure shall be applied at the end of autumn every year, and the thawed water shall be poured well. The frozen water shall be poured fully and thoroughly. It can grow reliably with natural precipitation at other times. If it is not particularly dry, it is not necessary to water alone.


4, Prune tree


In forestry production, Jun QIANZI often uses the form of evacuation and stratification. When used as street trees or court shade trees in gardens, the commonly used tree form is the natural round crown shape. Therefore, it is important to cultivate a straight trunk from the seedling stage, and dry it according to the use requirements (the trunk height is generally 2.8m to 3m). The tree crown shall have 3 to 4 main branches, which shall be evenly distributed and occupy one side respectively. Four to five lateral branches can be reserved on each main branch. When selecting and retaining lateral branches, pay attention to sufficient space and pay attention to the subordination of the overall tree shape to make it grow evenly. After the basic tree form is formed, the competitive branches, overlapping branches, over dense branches, Cross branches and pest branches shall be removed in time.

Fresh dry date-plum seeds decorative Caucasian lilac persimmon seed for cultivate 0Fresh dry date-plum seeds decorative Caucasian lilac persimmon seed for cultivate 1Fresh dry date-plum seeds decorative Caucasian lilac persimmon seed for cultivate 2


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