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Wax gourd planting: seedling planting or seed planting?

June 2, 2022

Latest company news about Wax gourd planting: seedling planting or seed planting?

Wax gourd, belonging to gourd family, belongs to annual vine or shelf herb. Wax gourd is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical areas

Winter melon likes temperature and is heat-resistant. The suitable temperature for growth and development is 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature for root growth is 12 to 16 degrees Celsius. Winter melon is a kind of short sunshine vegetable that likes high temperature. Low temperature is conducive to the differentiation of flower buds. However, in the whole growth process, it is necessary to ensure long-term sunshine and sufficient light.

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There are two ways to plant winter melon. One is to directly sow seeds. The other is to select excellent varieties and transplant them with seedling raising technology. In this way, excellent seedlings can be selected in advance to achieve high yield and quality improvement of winter melon. Attention shall be paid to the treatment of seeds during sowing. It is advisable to use warm water to soak them for germination. Seeds with full grains and disease-free varieties shall be selected for sowing. So, which method is more suitable for growing wax gourd?


If you simply plant a few nests at home, of course, it would be better to plant seeds directly. If you want to improve the germination rate and strong seedlings, you can simply cover them with a film. There is no need to cultivate seedlings.

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If large-scale planting is to be carried out, it is best to raise seedlings in a nutrient bowl in advance, and then transplant them by size. The large seeds are planted together, and the small seeds are planted together, so it is convenient to manage in the seedling stage. Moreover, the winter melon seedlings raised in the nutrition bowl developed vigorously and had strong resistance to some underground pests.

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Benefits of seedling raising and transplanting


1. shorten the growing time of vegetables in the field, omit the seedling stage, and improve the land use efficiency.


2. the most suitable growth time of winter melon is prolonged, and the harvest can be carried out in advance to improve the yield.


3. it saves seeds, helps to cultivate strong seedlings, improves the survival rate of seedlings and saves costs.


4. it overcomes the problems of difficult emergence and slow growth of seedlings caused by soil salinization.


5. it is conducive to the adjustment of seedlings, such as the problem of large and small seedlings caused by the incomplete emergence of direct seeding and reseeding, so as not to miss the production.


Winter melon is sown in spring from December of the next year to march of the next year, and in autumn from June to July. The outside temperature is low in spring, so it is better to adopt the method of seedling cultivation and transplanting. It is better to use bud sowing in autumn. After the true leaves are spread, select a warm weather to transplant them to the field.

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