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The global seed war has started. What will the future competition depend on ?

May 31, 2022

Latest company news about The global seed war has started. What will the future competition depend on ?

At present, China's seed industry is in an unprecedented century of great changes. After the blowout of varieties and the price war, the seed industry is entering an all-round competition in terms of quality, scale and brand. From the determination of breeding objectives to the selection of germplasm resources and then to the breeding of breakthrough varieties, the process of seed industry innovation needs decades or even hundreds of years of hard work. The specific suggestions are as follows.

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First, open up the "industrial chain" and speed up the cultivation of modern seed industry "chain length" enterprises that "integrate breeding, propagation and promotion". At present, the embryonic form of the leading seed enterprises in China has emerged, but it is difficult to solve such problems as the localization and integration after M & A, and the cross-border competition of the overall strength of seed enterprises by relying on the enterprises themselves. The pace of making seed enterprises stronger, better and bigger has a long way to go.


The first suggestion is to strengthen the integration and reorganization of the seed industry market. In view of the current situation of small and miscellaneous seed enterprise market, through market mechanism optimization and adjustment of enterprise layout, encourage state-owned capital to enter the seed industry through mergers and acquisitions, equity participation and other means, increase the inclined investment of relevant industry guidance funds in the seed industry, support leading enterprises to accelerate the pace of merger and reorganization of the upstream and downstream of the seed industry chain, and improve the industry competitiveness and market share.

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The second is to implement the project of tackling key scientific and technological problems in the whole industry chain of seed industry. Relying on the leading enterprises with core competitiveness and taking the cultivation and transformation of major new varieties as the breakthrough point, we will systematically deploy seed science and technology innovation to tackle key problems, and establish a system covering material creation, variety cultivation, improved variety breeding and industrialized application. We will guide the transfer of technological innovation factor resources to the upstream of the seed industry, so that the leading seed enterprises can truly become the source of scientific and technological innovation in the seed industry.


Third, focus on supporting leading enterprises with the ability of "integration of education, reproduction and promotion" to become the "chain leader" of the seed industry chain. Clarify the labor division mechanism of the whole industrial chain of commercialized breeding, give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the whole industrial chain, promote the professional development of medium-sized enterprises, guide small enterprises to become service-oriented distributors, and form a reasonable enterprise hierarchy.

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Secondly, break the "protection chain" and create a market environment that respects the original innovation and protects intellectual property rights. China's seed industry market has long had problems such as local protectionism, weak supervision at the source, and weak punishment and accountability.


Suggestions: first, improve the legal support. It is suggested that the regulations on the protection of new plant varieties should be upgraded to the law on the protection of new plant varieties, so as to improve the legal status and strengthen the protection;


Second, improve the level of variety protection. Establish relevant platforms for the breeding industry chain, realize traceability, improve the access threshold for seed production bases, and severely crack down on the phenomenon of bagging and generation breeding;


Third, the market supervision and management department strengthened supervision. We will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights such as trademarks in the seed industry, intensify the investigation and punishment of "counterfeiting" and severely crack down on "fleeing" in the market, so as to reduce the cost of protecting rights for enterprises.


Finally, we should change the "evaluation chain" and establish the evaluation standard orientation aiming at breeding application.


First, break the scientific research organization mode of "large scientific research and small workshops". The current R & D funds, breeding resources and scientific research talents of China's seed industry are mostly concentrated in public welfare scientific research institutions, which is difficult to give full play to the advantages of the new national system, and seed enterprises have not yet become the main body of innovation.


We should make an overall plan for the deep integration of basic research and applied research. We should not only strengthen basic research such as genome-wide selective breeding, transgenic technology and gene editing, but also promote enterprises to strengthen the commercial breeding mode with application technology and variety innovation as the core. At the same time, we should do a good job in the conditional technology sharing and rights and interests connection mechanism.


Second, improve the sharing and utilization efficiency of R & D elements such as germplasm resources and testing networks. It is suggested to increase financial investment, establish a national cooperation group, and carry out accurate identification and evaluation of germplasm related traits in a planned, step-by-step and targeted manner. Promote the implementation of national sovereignty over core germplasm resources. Learn from the practices of "interlibrary loan" in the field of books and documents and the US germplasm resources information network to truly realize the sharing and complementation of breeding element resources.


Third, change the evaluation mechanism of scientific research innovation in seed industry. Break the evaluation standard of seed industry innovation based on papers and projects, change the phenomenon that the promotion and application of large varieties of ten million mu does not equal the influence of "SCI papers", and establish a market-oriented and practical demand-oriented inspection and evaluation standard.

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